President Obama Plays Spider-Man Villain With a Staffer's Child (Photo)

In a photo released for Time's "Person of the Year" issue, the commander-in-chief is seen playing with a White House staffer's son.

Maybe Mitt Romney should have made Peter Parker his running mate, not Paul Ryan.

A new photo featured in Time's profile of "Person of the Year" winner Barack Obama shows the president playing some geeky games with the child of a White House staffer. The child, dressed in a Spider-Man costume, pretends to sling web at Obama, who stands back like he's been pinned to the wall.

Obama has long professed his enjoyment of comic books: A photo of him posing in front of a Superman statue in Metropolis, Ill., in 2008 once went viral, and he was featured in a special edition of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2009.