President Obama Reportedly Considering Anna Wintour for US Ambassador to Great Britain

Anna Wintour WSJ Awards Arrivals - P 2012
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Anna Wintour WSJ Awards Arrivals - P 2012

It's common for top presidential fundraisers to be given cushy foreign ambassador positions. But is the 'Vogue' editor really ready to leave her throne?


President Barack Obama is reportedly considering nominating Anna Wintour, the ruling editor-in-chief of Vogue, as his next ambassador to the U.K.  or possibly France. This would ostensibly reward her for her tireless fundraising on his behalf during his re-election campaign.  But Matthew Barzun, finance chairman of Obama’s campaign, also is interested in the  UK job, according to Bloomberg.

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Wintour and Barzun each raised over $500,000 for his re-election campaign. And the current U.S. ambassador to the U.K., Louis Susman, an investment banker who worked for Obama’s 2008  campaign, is not expected to stay for a second term.

UK-born Wintour, now a U.S. citizen,  co- hosted a $40,000-a-plate event in June at Sarah Jessica Parker's Manhattan home. in August, she hosted a dinner that cost $35,800 per person at movie mogul Harvey Weinstein's Westport, Connecticut home . She also co-hosted a fundraiser in London with designer  Tom Ford for the President, held the day after London's Fashion Week of runway shows and parties. 

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It sounds like an ideal move for Wintour, now 63. And she would make a popular figure in London.  And she's already got the wardrobe for the job. But Vogue spokesperson,  Megan Salt,  has dismissed these rumors, saying, "She's very happy with her current job."


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But this got us thinking about who else could be appointed foreign ambassadors. Beyonce and Jay-Z spring to mind as a thank you for their big NY fundraiser. And what about Katy Perry? She not only supported Obama by performing at several of his  fundraisers,  she also wore a ballot dress that literally endorsed his re-election. According to a THR poll, she influenced more young voters to vote Democratic.

Surely, Perry deserves a posh ambassador gig. She knows how to spread American good will through her music. Why not do it from London?