President Obama's Jobs Speech: What Hollywood, Viewers Are Saying

Saul Loeb/Getty Images

"Many very good ideas & a couple stinkers," tweets Michael Moore, while Bill Maher takes a couple jabs at Republicans.

President Obama on Thursday delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress that outlined his plan to create jobs for Americans.

The speech forced NBC to shuffle its NFL preshow for the game between the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers to cable.

After the speech aired, many in Hollywood, along with other viewers, took to Twitter to share their reactions of the president's remarks as well as other thoughts.

Among them:

Michael Moore

Another great speech by Obama. Many very good ideas & a couple stinkers(cutting Medicare!). Republicans have ZERO interest in creating jobs.

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Bill Maher

#Republican faces say "We're a bunch of conscienceless pricks who'd shoot ourselves in the face if Obama said he liked our smile"

The look on the faces of the Republicans during this speech is priceless. And by priceless, I mean I want to slap them with a weedwhacker

Greta Van Susteren

My guess is that the Packer fans will not be annoyed with President Obama eating into their pre game show as long as the Packers win. If the Packers lose…well…they will look for a scapegoat.

The Daily Show staff

.@BarackObama plan revealed: "Smoke Pot. Make $$$."

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Keith Olbermann

Huff Post: POTUS asks states to try "Bridge To Work" programs. Audition those on unemployment as workers without paying!

Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris

At the end of speech Obama should of dropped the mic like sexual chocolate in Coming To America

Emmy-winning DJ Jedi
"The people who hired us to work for them don't have the luxury of waiting 14 months." Translation: Congress get your sh*t together.

Darth Vader

Be careful Obama, I gave a speech promising jobs if we built the second Death Star, and we all know how that ended. #JobsSpeech

Sen. Harry Reid

Pres. Obama laid out bipartisan ideas 2 create jobs. Size and scope of plan reflects urgent need 2 put Americans back to work

Hip-Hop Nonstop TV

Sorry Obama, I can watch you on YouTube. It's time for some football......

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Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Why did Obama use a jobs speech to call for cuts to Medicare benefits? On what planet was that a good idea?

Benjy Sarlin

Maroon 5! Thanks for not going over, Obama. [The group performed during a kickoff concert before the game.]


So basically Obama said: Republicans ruin everything. And the Republicans reply with: Blah blah blah blah low taxes blah blah.

Andy Enrique

Republicans have a clear choice now. Help Obama & try to steal the credit or do nothing & blame Obama in 14 months.

Kahlil Skywalker

And I'm sure none of yall loyal Obama followers have the balls to record his "Yes we can" speech backwards to hear him say "thank you Satan"

Joel Pollak

Credit where it's due: Obama has created many more jobs... for Republicans! #obamaspeech

Anthony Cumia

How does Obama promise tax cuts for small business than say the "wealthy" (small business owners) have to "Do their share by paying more?

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Jim Treacher
The living room's on fire, but Obama knows he can save the house if you'll just fetch him some more kerosene.

Martin Stytz

Is the movie Contagion about how the idea of voting for Obama spread throughout the country in 2008? Seems like it.

DJ Chill

I fuxs wit Obama but uh..the saints com on! I like my ftball like my bait! Alive! An my speeches like freedie stubs..reruns! Now whts happen


Obama did outstanding job revealing the small-mindedness of opponents' ideology. #jobsspeech

Miami Slim

I explained that I am NOT against Obama... But he definitely has more power to manipulate the public than ANY other President before him...