President Obama's Response to Clint Eastwood Speech Was Most RT'd Tweet of the RNC

A zinger from the Barack Obama Twitter account--following the Hollywood Republican heavyweight's speech, which included talking to an empty chair--was the most retweeted post from the Republican National Convention.

Of all the buzzworthy moments at the Republican National Convention this past week in Tampa, Florida, the most-talked about moment was Clint Eastwood's 12-minute speech, during which he talked to an empty chair, presuming it was an invisible Barack Obama. The moment became even more talked about after the President, or, his staff, responded via Twitter.



According to Twitter, 51,400 people have retweeted the post as of Sunday afternoon. However, at the moment, it is only Obama's second-most retweeted post; the most popular tweet goes to one he posted in May supporting same-sex marriage. "Same-sex couples should be able to get married," he wrote. That message was retweeted 61,500 times.

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By comparison, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is no match when it comes to social media. His most popular tweet of all time, when he announced Paul Ryan as his running mate August 11, was retweeted 11,200 times. His most retweeted post of the RNC was retweeted 4,800 times: "Our economy runs on freedom, not government. It's time we put our faith back in the American people," Romney wrote at the end of the convention. 

Obama has more than 19 million followers on Twitter. Romney trails at just over 1 million.