President Obama's Syria Speech Draws Jokes From Hollywood

Obama Syria Speech - H 2013
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Obama Syria Speech - H 2013

"Anchorman" director Adam McKay wrote the POTUS should declare war on "flat beer," while Josh Groban wrote that he wished Obama had called for a "sexual revolution."

President Barack Obama has asked Congress to delay voting on a proposed military strike on Syria, saying he would like the U.S. to work with Russia, China and allies to acquire and destroy the country's chemical weapons stockpile. He made the announcement in a nationally televised address to the nation on Tuesday night.

The plan to take the weapons and dispose of them was originally proposed by Russia, causing Donald Trump to tweet: "We will have to see what Russia's next move will be. They may have given him an out of an embarrassing situation or drove into deeper mess!" But the Apprentice star conceded the president was "working hard" and deserved credit.

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Anchorman director Adam McKay tweeted that Obama should use the speech to "declare war on flat beer and nerds," but on a serious note added: "For real though, how about every dime we save from not bombing Syria goes right to schools." Josh Groban also poked fun at the speech, tweeting that he wished Obama had said "what I need from you the public, is a sexual revolution."

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