President Trump Appears to Push Aside Montenegro Prime Minister at NATO

Screengrab/NATO TV
Donald Trump at NATO

Author J.K. Rowling reacted to the news, calling out the president as a "tiny, tiny, tiny little man."

President Trump appeared to push aside the prime minister of Montenegro, Dusko Markovic, on Thursday at his first joint meeting with NATO.

In a video of the incident, Trump can be seen walking behind Markovic, and pushing him to the side as the president takes his place in front of the group of leaders. 

Watch the video of the interaction below.


Author J.K. Rowling reacted to the news, tweeting a snippet of the video with the caption, "You tiny, tiny, tiny little man."

Bette Midler also was not pulling any punches, tweeting, "Hes j just longing for human contact since his wife won't touch him."

Per USA Today, when asked about the incident, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer replied that he had not seen the video.