While Addressing United Nations, President Trump Makes a Subtle New Fashion Statement


A step above the baseball hat.

President Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday morning for the first time. While listening to his remarks calling Kim Jong Un a "rocket man" on a "suicide mission," pledging to "totally destroy North Korea" if it became necessary and vowing to always put America first, we wouldn't blame you if you didn't notice that he also debuted a new fashion accessory — a pocket square — for what appears to be the first time since he took office. But eagle-eyed Twitter users sure did. 

The pocket square in particular stood out to viewers, perhaps because despite his penchant for opulence when it comes to his hotels, and even the luxe wardrobe of First Lady Melania, the president's personal style has tended to be more "man of the people" — and we're not just talking about his tendency to top off his suits with a red #MAGA or POTUS baseball cap. 

Trump's personal wardrobe, which he has said is comprised of mostly Brioni suits, has been criticized in the past for being ill-fitting and a bit dated, with his extra-long ties (Scotch-taped together at times) becoming fodder for late night comedians. (His hair is another subject of debate entirely.)  

He may not have been landing on the GQ best-dressed list, but there was a relatable quality to his look that may have resonated with his voter base, even as he oozed new money.

Which is why the neatly folded white pocket square was so striking.

On Tuesday, Trump wasn't addressing his constituents at a rally but rather a room full of international leaders, making us wonder if he was trying to look more polished and stately for the international stage, even copping a sartorial style favored by one of his idols, Ronald Reagan.

Although Reagan and older-school politicians like George W. Bush and Joe Biden have often worn pocket squares, they have largely fallen out of favor with new-gen pols including Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who prefer a more pared-down, minimal look.

We'll see if Trump starts a new trend.