Donald Trump Condescending With Hillary Clinton at First Presidential Debate: "I Want You to Be Happy"

Trump took digs at Clinton as well as Rosie O'Donnell throughout the event.

Donald Trump wasted no time being condescending to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, during Monday night's debate. 

"I want you to be happy — it's very important to me," said a snarky Trump to Clinton, after asking if it was OK to call her "Secretary Clinton."

While the two went back and forth, Clinton stated: "Donald, I know you live in your own reality." The line got some audible laughs from the crowd. 

Viewers were also quick to question whether or not the GOP presidential nominee had a cold, as he could be heard sniffling during the broadcast. After months of questioning Clinton's health issues, Trump was expected to highlight his opponent's physical state during the debate.

At one point, during one of the more contentious moments, Trump once again insulted Rosie O'Donnell, saying no one felt bad that he had been so hard on her in the past.

After the debate ended, Trump said he did not mention the Monica Lewinsky scandal out of "respect" to Chelsea Clinton who was was in attendance, but added, "Maybe at the next debate." 

Trump's website was down for a short period of time, but seemed to working, albeit slow, later in the evening.

There were also reports over social media that Trump's campaign was deleting old tweets during the debate, but those tweets were able to be accessed by The Hollywood Reporter.

The first meeting between the two presidential nominees is being held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. It is expected to draw a massive viewership. NBC's Lester Holt is moderating.