Hollywood Reacts With Anger, Disgust During Second Presidential Debate

Twitter users called Donald Trump's pre-debate press conference immature, and applauded Anderson Cooper for addressing the Trump tapes.

Donald Trump's recently released lewd recording was the hot topic of Sunday's presidential debate, the second one of the general election. 

Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off at Washington University in St. Louis, with CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC's Martha Raddatz as moderators, beginning with questions about the tape released Friday. 

Trump ramped up his attack against Clinton earlier Sunday, first with online posts referencing unsubstantiated sexual abuse claims against Bill Clinton, then by holding a press conference with three of Bill Clinton's sexual assault accusers, including Paula Jones — as well as a woman who's rapist was defended in court by Hillary Clinton when she was a young lawyer running a legal aid clinic — an hour before the debate on Sunday. Trump posted the event online with a Facebook Live video, calling it "debate prep."

Hollywood reacted with shock and disgust at the pre-debate event, some calling it a stunt, others posting images calling Trump immature. Online reactions continued with the opening moments of the debate, in which neither candidate moved to shake each other's hand. 

Below are some of the reactions.

Pre-debate press conference antics:

When neither candidate went to shake hands:

When Trump was asked about his released tapes, and Cooper and Raddatz held them each to their allotted time:

When Trump insisted that his hot mic tape was "locker room talk":

Hollywood slams Trump's policy and attacks on Clinton: