Preta Book Club's February Pick: 'The First Bad Man' by Miranda July

Courtesy of Simon and Schuster

Help us fight the midwinter doldrums with this searingly funny and heartfelt debut novel by the writer, performer and creator of the films 'Me and You and Everyone We Know' and 'The Future.'

Miranda July's The First Bad Man is actually the story of a woman trying to do good, which, she finds, isn't necessarily an impediment to her own happiness. Isn't this a lesson for us all? Or course, as with any of July's work, there are many things going on at once, including shifting sexualities, romantic obsessions, obsessive compulsions and, underneath it all, the basic human yearning to connect. All of that, with lines so acutely funny that you will not only laugh out loud, but underline them for later repeating. Preta Book Clubbers — this is a fun one.

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