#PretaPostcards: Celeb Makeup Artist Rachel Goodwin's Jaunt to Japan

Courtesy of Instagram/rachelgoodwin
Rachel Goodwin

The makeup artist to Brie Larson and Emma Stone shares snaps from her latest tour of Tokyo.

"I've been to Tokyo eight or nine times now and I would go a 100 more. It's endlessly mysterious and exciting to me," says makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, who just returned from a five-day trip to the city with client and red-carpet darling Brie Larson for the Japanese premiere of Room.

"As a makeup artist it’s a virtual beauty treasure trove, and I'm food-obsessed, so it’s basically my culinary Valhalla," she muses. "I always say, the Japanese make the French seem passive about their cuisine, and man, that’s a hard thing to do."

The highlight of Goodwin’s stay? "We also happened to arrive on the first day of spring and the sakura blossoms were just opening. When you visit at that time everything is about the cherry blossoms everywhere you look. It's an even more magical place than ever that time of year."

This yuzu soft serve (zest and all) may not have been the prettiest thing I ate in Japan but was by far the most sublime! It tasted like sunshine in the rain.

We got an early-morning tour of the legendary Tsukiji fish market with a Michelin-starred sushi chef. He even took us to us to his favorite knife shop! The energy of that place was overwhelming and amazing! It will be moving locations after 80 years this November, so I was so grateful I got to experience it.

I just loved seeing this nameplate for the Room press conference with Brie's name in Japanese characters.

I’m a total sucker for a Japanese breakfast. It's one of life’s simplest yet most decadent pleasures. 

Even Mickey D's has to get in on the sakura season festivities. I couldn’t resist trying this cherry-blossom float and, yes, I had the sour plum-dusted french fries too. I mean I’m not made of wood!

Japanese makeup brushes are the best! This only-in-Japan line, called "Addiction," by Ayako makes some of my all-time favorites. This is the part of the story where I take a second mortgage on my house and have to buy an extra suitcase just to get my beauty products home.

Mara Roszak (Brie's hairdresser) and I have been working and traveling together for more than 12 years. Our first trip to Tokyo together was in 2004, and we’ve both been in love ever since. Here we are on our way to a live Japanese morning show called Sukkiri, where Brie and [her co-star] Jacob [Tremblay] were making an early appearance.