Watch Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's Awe-Inspiring Alien Invasion in "Pretty Girls" Video

"Pretty Girls"

The 'Earth Girls Are Easy' homage features Iggy's Valley Girl patois and Britney dancing up a storm.

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's "Pretty Girls" music video is truly out of this world — as in, the video stars Iggy Iggs as an alien bent on having a good time, with Spears as her tour guide in stylish debauchery.

In the send-up of the 1988 sci-fi comedy Earth Girls Are Easy, Azalea crash-lands in an unfamiliar location (Spears' pool) and decade (the 1980s), and Britney remains unfazed by the invasion, opting to dress up the newcomer and recklessly ride around in a yellow Jeep. The pair ends up at a car wash, where Azalea rigs an ATM and Spears nods to her classic music video choreography with a few synchronized moves.

An extended comedy bit allows Azalea to show off her Valley Girl accent, and "Pretty Girls" continues moving to the club, where Spears performs some more dance moves before Azalea's mothership arrives in time for the finale. Again: there's a lot of Britney Spears dancing in this video, which should absolutely thrill her die-hard fans.

The collaborative single debuted last week, and Spears and Azalea will combine for its debut live performance during the Billboard Music Awards, set to air on Sunday, May 17, on ABC. "Pretty Girls" is also expected to debut on this week's Hot 100 chart.

Watch the delightfully unhinged music video below.

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