'Pretty Woman' Reunion: Cast Reveals Stories Behind Famous Scenes (Video)

Julia Roberts: Then

In 1990, Julia Roberts had already earned a best supporting actress nomination for her performance in Steel Magnolias. Her leading lady role in Pretty Woman scored the then 23-year-old a best actress nom in 1991, a best actress Golden Globe win and propelled her career as an A-list star.

Julia Roberts recalls how Vivian's bubble bath wreaked havoc on her hair while Richard Gere forgets his lines.

The Pretty Woman cast and director Garry Marshall continued to reminisce about the beloved romantic comedy on NBC's Today show on Wednesday.

In the second part of the morning show's reunion special, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Marshall, Laura San Giacomo and Hector Elizondo talked about how some of the film's most famous scenes came about.

Or at least they tried to. While Roberts still remembers some of her big lines, Gere doesn't recall the film quite as clearly.

When Matt Lauer tried to get Roberts and Gere to re-create one exchange from the film, Gere couldn't remember his line and Roberts had to prompt him.

Roberts and Elizondo also talked about how the scene of Vivian blowing her nose into his handkerchief came about, which they improvised, even though Roberts didn't get the joke.

"I said, 'Garry, this is not funny," she said. "Nobody is going to think this is funny, when I blow in the handkerchief. I said, I know you know funny. This is not funny."

Marshall explained, "I said, 'It's his reaction that's funny.'"

The Pretty Woman team also talked about the bathtub scene where Vivian sings along to Prince's "Kiss" while listening to the song on her Walkman. And Lauer even gave Roberts the Walkman from the film.

But Roberts remembers the bubbles from the bath wreaking havoc on her hair.

"This is what I remember about being in the bathtub is that my hair was dyed red and they had this strong detergent to make the bubbles and I kept going under and coming out and going under and coming out," she said. "And by the end of the day, the detergent had taken off all of my hair color. And as I was leaving and saying goodbye to Carol, who did my hair, she said 'Why do you look blond?'… We had emergency hair color at 10 o'clock at night because of the bathtub."

Check out the video below for more of the Pretty Woman team's trip down memory lane.

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