Watch 'Price Is Right' Contestant's Dancing Celebration After $26,000 Win

Price Is Right Elliot - H 2014

Price Is Right Elliot - H 2014

Contestant Eliot DiDonato does the worm in front of Drew Carey

Winning $26,000 with two spins of a wheel is enough to put anybody in a good mood, but for Price Is Right contestant Eliot DiDonato it was cause for a big, dance-filled celebration.

DiDonato was cool and collected when speaking with host Drew Carey on Monday's episode of the game show, but when the wheel hit a dollar and he won $1,000 that all changed. DiDonato instantly dropped to the ground and performed what looks like an interpretation of the worm followed by more celebratory dance moves.

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When he spun and won again, the dancing continued. DiDonato's luck didn't end there though. Today reported the contestant went on to win the Showcase Showdown, which means he ended up with a car, a cruise and more than $59,000.