Fashion Industry Mourns Prince's Death

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Legendary artist Prince was found dead at his recording studio in Minnesota early on April 21. He was 57.

"I will love and miss you forever," wrote designer Donatella Versace.

Prince, who was as much a style icon as he was a musical genius, died Thursday at age 57 at his home and recording studio in Minnesota. Following the news, many Hollywood insiders and fashion folks have been left mourning the prolific performer's passing.

"I am shocked. I will love and miss you forever," wrote designer Donatella Versace.

Costume designer and stylist Arianne Phillips described Prince as "a unique, one of a kind, self-styled visionary genius whose style was an organic extension of his music."

"His ability to maintain his prolific creative autonomy in a world of branding and corporate giants was no less than awe-inspiring," Phillips continued to express to Pret-a-Reporter. "Our culture and our hearts will forever be imprinted by his royal purple world."

Designer Christian Siriano told us via email: "I just think we are losing a true fashion icon — someone that took risks, had fun with fashion and was a true artist to the core. No matter what was happening in pop culture, he was honest and true to what he believed in, and I think that inspired so many and will continue to do so forever."

Simone Harouche, Miley Cyrus' stylist, also weighed in about his legacy as an artist whose style never wavered. "First and foremost, Prince was known for not only his music, but also for his individual style — which was truly unique and definitely his own," she tells us. "So much of the struggle in current pop culture and music is finding your own style and being true to your aesthetic. He left an indelible mark on music and pop culture. He will be missed."

Sarah Jessica Parker, makeup artist Rachel Goodwin and model Pat Cleveland were among those to express their disbelief and grievances on social media. 


No. Prince Rogers Nelson. R.I.P You've been the soundtrack of so many lives. Terrible and sad news. X, sj

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Only hope to see you laughing in the Purple Rain. #rip #prince

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A LEGEND #prince #LIFE can you hear the Doves Crying?

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I am shocked. I will love and miss you forever. Ciao, Donatella

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Oh my god I feel sooo sad I love Prince light a candle for him please sing his songs

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say it isn't so .... My heart just stopped . #princerip #dovesarecrying

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Nooooooo #RIPPrince

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Farewell to a legend.

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Long Live Prince

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Fashion Icon who inspired so many. #prince

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#RIP #Prince. Absolutely shocking loss. Thank you for the music.

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Exactly one week ago I attended the most meaningful concert experience of my life. Prince gave us a gift that night. We all felt it. His fans spanned every race, age, sexuality. It was us and him and a piano. I was moved to tears. His songs, his personality, his life, his energy filled the intimate Theater in Atlanta. I had already felt the night was gifted to me by a higher power, to be alive at the same time as an artist who could give to his fans the way he gave to us. Who could radiate talent and love in equal parts. When he ended the show playing When Doves Cry our hearts were so full. We found out he hadn't played the song for any other concert in Atlanta, just ours, what would end up being his last concert ever. Thank you for the amazing gift you gave us and will continue to give us with your music. I'll spend my life trying to bring people together the way you did one week ago at the Fox Theater. Thank you. #rip #prince #heartbroken #whendovescry

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I get off a plane to see that one of my favorite artist EVER has passed away.... Just last week he was in concert in Atlanta and people went to see him. I luckily have seen him several times in my life so I consider myself blessed. Like the time I went to see him at #ClubLife he was two hours late but baby when he hit that stage he tore it DOWN!!! I will never forget that night ever as I was surrounded by superstars in this tiny smoked filled club watching him perform was watching magic happen. Years later I would be on tour with @aliciakeys and we were in Minneapolis. We all heard Prince came to see the show but no one saw him. I did my normal ritual of touching AK as we call her after the show for meet and greet. After we would have to hustle to the tour bus to head to the next city. I mindlessly banged the door open into her green room and tickling the pearly whites of her key board was none other then #Prince himself. I stood their in shock I was like literally 10 feet from him. I was speechless and he could tell I was. It tickles him and he smiled slyly and said a long drawn out Hello..... To me. I nearly passed out. I said hello I think then ran off like a squeamish teenage girl tellin @msnycki99 @therealwourivice "Yo we just meet Prince!!!!" I would meet him again in Las Vegas at another show AK did. There he told me he loves my locs and to keep being original. I smiled and told him I would try lol... My love for Prince began at 8 years old when my Aunt Kathy had his poster of him sitting naked on a white horse above her bed. I often wondered to myself what a creature because to me Prince was neither Man or woman. He was mythical. He was whimsical and he was amazing. As for his music I have too many favorites to name. He will be forever missed.... The world lost a GREAT ONE today. I am numb and at a lost for words.... #Thepurpleone #TheArtist #Thelegend #TheMusician #TheBeautifulOne RIP King

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