Prince George Is Prince William's Mini-Me

REX USA; AP Images
Prince William, left in 1984, and Prince George.

Your daily dose of cute, courtesy of the royal family.

Prince George, the world's favorite chubby-cheeked royal, stole the spotlight from little sister Princess Charlotte's christening on Sunday morning with his snappy red shorts and white embroidered polo shirt. But for die-hard royal family fans, seeing the 1-year-old's outfit was major deja vu. 

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Rewind 31 years ago to 1984, when George's daddy was only two years old and visiting his newborn brother in the hospital, and we see a tiny blond Prince William looking equally as adorable in a near exact replica of the outfit. Whether the repeat outfit was a coincidence or intentional, we can't be sure, however it shouldn't come as a surprise considering the family's flair for throwbacks

Given the proven power of the Prince George effect, we're guessing it won't be long before more (less royal) British tots start rocking the look as well.