Prince Harry Gets 14,000 Naked Salutes From Fans on Facebook (Poll)

Prince Harry Facebook Support Group - H 2012

Prince Harry Facebook Support Group - H 2012

What began as an outlet for military comrades to show support now includes anyone who wants to pay tribute (in the nude).

After photos leaked of Prince Harry naked at a party in Las Vegas, more than 14,000 members of the military have posted nude shots of themselves nude in solidarity with the ginger-haired royal.

A Facebook page called "Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute, shows his fans standing at attention and saluting while cupping their naughty bits.

"It was outrageous Harry was criticized for his antics in Las Vegas because he is just one of the lads," Jordan Wylie, who founded the group, told the British newspaper the Sun. "He might be a Royal but he is also a hardworking Apache helicopter pilot and he wants to have some fun."

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(The Sun, meanwhile, has received thousands of complaints for publishing the images of Harry in the buff amid British singer Charlotte Church's public condemnation: "It was an invasion of his privacy.")

The "Support Prince Harry" page is not all boys saluting in their birthday suits. The ladies are getting into the naked action too. Really, anyone who's interested: Wylie is taking a broader approach and soliciting pics from anyone, including (clothed, thankfully) babies!

There's also a Twitter page called Salute4Harry and a website .

It's safe to assume Harry may have shown the page to Prince William and Kate Middleton. Probably not the Queen, however. She would not be amused. Or would she?

Tell us: How do you feel about Prince Harry's nude photos?