Thousands of Complaints Filed Against Sun's Publication of Naked Prince Harry Pictures

Prince Harry Bahama Tour - P 2012
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Prince Harry Bahama Tour - P 2012

The Press Complaints Commission now has received 3,600 complaints about the tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., but none from representatives of the royal.

LONDON - The number of complaints about the Sun's publication of naked Prince Harry photos has risen to more than 3,600.

The Press Complaints Commission, the U.K. press watchdog, has received that many complaints since the Friday issue of the tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., the Guardian reported.

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As of the weekend, the number had been 850. The paper said most critics cited concerns about an invasion of privacy.

The Commission told the Guardian though that Prince Harry's representatives have not filed a complaint as of Tuesday afternoon, which would be required for a probe. It generally does not investigate third-party complaints.

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The Sun was also the paper that drew more than 1,000 complaints in May when it ran a front page item about England national soccer team manager Roy Hodgson.

The news about the rising number of complaints came after singer Charlotte Church criticized the Sun's decision to run with the Prince Harry photos. "It was an invasion of his privacy," she said.

Murdoch has said over Twitter that the publication of the grainy cell phone pictures from a party weekend in Las Vegas was the decision of the Sun's editor, but he supported it. "Needed to demonstrate no such thing as free press in UK," Murdoch said. "Internet makes mockery of these issues. Ist amendment please."