Prince Takes Over the 'Arsenio Hall Show,' Debuts New Funky Song

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The "Purple Rain" singer, who was the show's only guest, talked omelets, hair peeves and launched into lengthy guitar solos.

Prince really was the man of the hour on Wednesday night when he was the sole guest invited onto The Arsenio Hall Show

His purple highness focused on guitar solos over enlightening information when he took over the show, which was filmed on Tuesday but aired on Wednesday. 

STORY: Prince to Take Over 'Arsenio Hall Show'

The "Purple Rain" singer, who revealed his gift for comedy when he guest-starred on New Girl after the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, did show his funny side during the interview, dishing to host Arsenio Hall about a wide range of random topics -- from his breakfast skills to hair quirks.

While he did not share any news about recordings or tours in 2014, he did offer a few tidbits about himself:

  • He can cook omelets. "All my friends have high cholesterol," he joked.
  • His favorite new composition is "The Breakdown."
  • His pet peeve is strangers touching his hair. "I was at an Oscars party," he said, "and people kept bumping into me. And it always seems to be dudes."
  • On the slow-down of his output: "We live in a singles market. I come from the old school and love making albums. You wait until you have other songs to go with (ones you like). Without a contract, there's no rush to do an album."

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When it came time to hit the stage, Prince and the New Power Generation, with an assist from an 11-piece horn section, performed a new song, "FUNKNROLL," and a pair of lesser-known tunes, "She's Always in My Hair" and "Mutiny" for an audience, half of which was wearing shades of purple.

See video of the three-song performance below:

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