Prince William, Kate Middleton Movie: What British Viewers Say


The telefilm, which aired in the U.S. a week ago, debuted Sunday on the U.K.'s Channel 5.

Critics have panned the made-for-TV movie about Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship, calling it "so bad it's awful, toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly."

William & Kate aired April 18 in the U.S. on Lifetime, and on Sunday, British viewers got their first chance to watch the movie about their future king and queen. Judging by the Twitter reactions, they weren't impressed.

"#disappointingfilms i.e. William and Kate - The Movie; seriously, after all the anticipation and press, that was the most BS, ever," wrote Farhana Akthar of the movie, which aired in the U.K. on Channel 5.

Added Stephen Ball: "The trailer for the William and Kate movie looked AMAZING. I was biting my fist at the awfulness."

Echoed a tweeter who goes by SpursManDan: "Why am I watching William and Kate - The Movie? It's the funniest doggiest shittiest thing ever."

Suzi Burtenshaw added that the movie was "so unbelievably cringe," while Tanya Rebecca Madden called it "sooo cheese."

Still others appreciated what they described as the so-bad-it's-good element.

"It's hilarious!!! Think budget film made by Americans & some cheesy scenes thrown in! #winner," Amy Jenkin wrote.

Caroline Eardley added: "Just watched William and Kate: The Movie. OMG. There are no words. So bad it's brilliant."

Still, not everyone hated it.

"Just finished watching william and kate the movie gonna say I'm impressed," Christianne Lucianne tweeted.

Added Shona McGuire: "I'm actually excited for the royal wedding for some reason?! watched William and Kate the movie earlier+it is such a sweet love story tbh!"

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nico Evers-Swindell, who plays Prince William, defended the movie against its critics.

"I don't know [what] anyone could have expected in 30 days of development, from a network that's known for romance," he said. "It was always intended to be a fun ride, a light romance, a love story at the heart, and just a jolly good time."