Prince William Is the Receding-Hairline Hero We Need

Confidence is sexy.

Though it's women who bear the brunt of criticisms (and a bundle of other microaggressions) from the public when they don't live up to society's impossible beauty ideals, men, by virtue of their gender, are not entirely exempt from judgments about their physical appearance. 

The two h's — height and hairline — are some of the biggest sources of insecurity for men, but there's one man in the public eye who's not letting the latter get the best of him: Prince William.

The royal's rise from bumbling blonde tot to teen heartthrob to married gentleman has been thoroughly documented thanks to the whole being-a-prince thing, thus the global population has been able to bear witness to the steady recession of his straw-colored, thinning locks. 

Like many men afflicted by male-pattern baldness, William began losing his hair in his early 20s, and by the time he was wed to Kate Middleton in 2011, his hairline had visibly begun its backstroke. In the ensuing years, as he did things like flying coach among the normals and becoming a dad, we've witnessed the skin on the tippy-top of his scalp become less shy about showing itself off for the cameras. 

And on Thursday, Prince William was photographed while speaking with military veterans with a spiffy new haircut — a nearly buzzed look that, unlike our president's curious comb-over, makes no attempt to deny his hair is, in fact, vanishing before our very eyes. Of course, he was all smiles too.

It's true, William has other things going for him that may contribute to his unflappable confidence — he's a cisgender straight white male who also happens to be literal royalty — but all that aside, we still give him kudos for embracing the balding look. An inspiration to us all.