Own a Piece of Prince

Prince-The-Kid-signature-shirt-from-Purple-Rain-Lot-1689 Split-H 2016
Courtesy of Hollywood Auction 83 by Profiles in History

The Purple One's frilly shirt and motorcyle jacket from 'Purple Rain' hit the auction block Friday on eBay.

Even if you’re not Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, or one of the five half-siblings laying claim to his $300 million estate, you can still own a piece of the Purple One’s legacy.

All you need is an eBay account and a few thousand to buy the ruffled silk shirt the late artist wore in 1984's Purple Rain (with a starting price of $3,000), which was part of his signature ensemble, or his motorcycle jacket from the same movie (starting at $6,000).

Both items will be up for bid as part of eBay’s Hollywood Auction 83, a three-day event beginning Wednesday, including 1,700 lots full of pop-culture memorabilia featuring articles of clothing and costumes worn by Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe and Daniel Craig, as well as hundreds of photos and movie posters.

Even if you haven’t seen Purple Rain, you’ve probably seen the shirt, an ivory-colored New Romantic-style chemise with a high ruched standing collar, faux-tiered ascot front and pearl buttons, including Bishop sleeves with frilly cuffs. Just so there’s no mistake, the label on the inside printed in purple reads: Prince.  

Of course, most of us wouldn’t be caught dead in corduroy, but you might make an exception for Prince’s motorcycle jacket — black with a white pattern, padded shoulders and standing collar, button-down lapels and epaulets and leather cuffs with mother-of-pearl buttons.

Both items are in excellent condition, but the jacket has minor stains on the right cuff and staining on the interior armpit.

Bidding begins Friday at 11 a.m. PT on eBay.