Princess Diana, Kate Middleton Share Cover of Newsweek Via Digital Trickery (Photo)

Princess Diana at 50 Newsweek Cover 2011

Diana's image has been altered so she appears to be walking with Kate and also looks 50 in honor of her birthday Friday; the cover story imagines her life today as a Botox and Twitter user.

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge, grace the cover of the new Newsweek via some digital trickery.

The photo has been created to make it look like Diana and Kate are walking together. In addition, Diana's image has been altered to make it look as if she were 50. The issue, in fact, commemorates Diana's 50th birthday, which would have been Friday.

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Kate, of course, married Diana's son William in April in a ceremony watched by an estimated 2 billion people around the world.

The Newsweek cover story, written by editor-in-chief and Diana biographer Tina Brown, imagines what Diana's life would be like today. The princess died Aug. 31, 1997.

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"Diana would have been 50 this month," Brown writes, according to "What would she have been like? Still great-looking: that's a given."

Among Brown's predictions? That Diana would have moved from England to New York, paid for Botox injections and become a Twitter user.

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Newsweek merged with Brown's website the Daily Beast in November. As part of the deal, Brown also remained editor-in-chief at the Daily Beast.

Since taking over, Brown has made many changes to the magazine, including switching typefaces and increasing its use of photography, that were initially met with several less-than-rave reviews, but some critics have since come around.