A 5-Year-Old And Her Dad Debate Princess Leia's Slave Outfit

Star Wars Convo - H 2014

Star Wars Convo - H 2014

"It's actually a pretty good look for her"

Comedian Adam Buxton's 5-year-old-daughter is a big fan of Princess Leia's slave outfit and she doesn't care if some people don't think it's nice.

Buxton recorded he and his daughter discussing the famous Star Wars ensemble, and illustrators The Brothers McLeod animated it. In Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hut makes Princess Leia wear a bikini-style slave outfit, and Buxton's daughter says that while he may be a "baddie" the truth is, "He actually chose a really nice dress for her."

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"Do you know what the word 'demeaning' is?" asked Buxton, in an attempt to explain why there is controversy behind the outfit. His daughter is having none of that and said that while she doesn't want to be a slave, she does want this fashionable costume.

"I would just be rescued and I would ask them if I could keep this dress on," she said.

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