Printemps holds steady in eighth year


PARIS -- France's eighth annual discount cinema fest, the Printemps du Cinema, wrapped Tuesday night with 2.6 million admissions, matching last year's figures.

French movie theaters welcomed a record 1.2 million filmgoers Sunday, an 8% increase from last year's opening day, but Monday and Tuesday figures represented a 5% drop from 2006.

The filmgoing incentive helped the Edith Piaf biopic "La Vie en Rose" sing its way to the top of the weekly boxoffice with 447,430 tickets sold. Zhang Yimou's "Curse of the Golden Flower" trailed behind with 427,400 admissions, followed by Warner Bros.' romantic comedy "Music & Lyrics" -- titled "The Comeback" here -- with 414,487.

The French thriller "Counter Investigation," starring Jean Dujardin, of secret agent "OSS 117" fame, also performed well, with 346,616 admissions. The annual event organized by the National Foundation of French Cinemas allows French filmgoers to purchase tickets for only €3.50 ($4.68).