'Private Life' Director Tamara Jenkins and Cast Talk "Radically Feminine" Film | Sundance 2018

The cast joined Jenkins in a chat with THR about the film, which star Molly Shannon calls "so strongly woman."

Eleven years after the Sundance premiere of The Savages, director Tamara Jenkins opens up to The Hollywood Reporter on why it took over a decade to release her third feature, Private Life.

The film, which Jenkins dubbed "a movie about a middle-aged marriage," delivers with a heavy-hitter cast featuring Kathryn Hahn, Paul Giamatti, Molly Shannon and Kayli Carter.

But fans of Jenkins' previous Sundance film The Savages have one question for the director: What took so long?

"I had a kid, and after I made The Savages, I thought I would, on top of doing my own writing, I would get a good book sent my way, and that never happened, which is very interesting from a female director point of view," Jenkins said.

But she's not the only female director who's taken her time to release an anticipated feature film — she references powerful women like Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins, who hadn't made a movie in [over] 10 years before she released her blockbuster superhero movie.

"I feel like the movie was so strongly 'woman' that I was like, 'Take as long as you want, honey,'" Shannon said about Private Life. "The product is so beautiful that I'm just in the moment to celebrate that as a woman. Why rush? To me I feel like enjoying being an artist and being creative is most important."

"This is a story I really don't think could have been told by anyone but a woman," Carter said. "It's so radically feminine the whole time."