How to Experience Westfield Century City Like a VIP

Courtesy of The Private Suite

VIP shopping to the nth degree with exclusive access and "head-of-state" logistics, thanks to The Private Suite Century City.

Just in time for Black Friday sprees, V.I.P. shoppers looking for A-list treatment will find a haute haven at the newly renovated Westfield shopping complex in Century City. Building on the success of The Private Suite at LAX — an exclusive terminal that opened in May, featuring secured individual suites and services to help high-profile flyers avoid lines and paparazzi while traveling on commercial flights — L.A.-based consulting and security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates (GDBA) has launched a version of The Private Suite just for Westfield CC shoppers this week, with more locations to come. 

Known for guarding and handling logistics for celebrities, sports stars, and public figures in seven countries, GDBA promises "a true head-of-state experience" at The Private Suite Century City, complete with president-worthy security detail — de Becker has counted the C.I.A., the F.B.I. and "the 90 most prominent families in the world" as clients, according to the company website.

There is a proprietary gated entrance and vehicle courtyard that leads to secured, individual suites stocked with snacks and three dedicated staff members to facilitate shopping and entertainment plans; an exclusive elevator bank is used to access the retail level. Other amenities include a toy menu for children, arrangements for in-suite dining and fittings, one-on-one retail appointments, and in-suite beauty and wellness services (from massages to manicures and haircuts), plus swift hands-free delivery of all purchases to the suite and then to the client’s car, and preferred seating and reservations at restaurants and theaters with no waiting and discreet side-door entry. The suites are also pet-friendly, with snacks and toys on hand for Fido.

Members of The Private Suite at LAX ($7,500 per year plus fees per trip) have reciprocity with Westfield Century City and additionally receive preferential pricing on the purchase of BMW automobiles.

At LAX, Private Suite members enter the airport through a special gate, experience express TSA screening and baggage and customs processing, relax in secured individual suites with day beds or a shared area within the Private Suite compound, and are whisked across the tarmac to their plane in BMW 7-Series sedans and vice versa upon arrival, anywhere around the globe. (For more information on membership, click here.) The daily fee for a member and up to five guests at The Private Suite Century City is $750 (or $1,500 for nonmembers).

"The experience of a major airport is challenging for everybody, no matter what; accordingly, we developed the new remote terminal at LAX to provide a substantially different experience for people able to pay for it," said de Becker, an L.A. native, talking to THR exclusively by phone. "The Private Suite can be thought of as a new way to navigate the world, starting with LAX, now in Century City, soon at JFK [International Airport], and I’d like to see it in places like The Forum, Staples Center, Dodger Stadium and other places where people will benefit from an easier, smoother, more private experience. Our friends at Westfield saw the value and helped us create The Private Suite there; it is the first service like it in the world, … the kind of experience a few prominent people might be used to, now available a la carte, if you will, to a larger group of people. My company has always offered this kind of service to our clients, no matter where they are going."

While de Becker will not reveal names of members, they include Oscar-winning actresses and actors, A-list musicians and athletes, major politicians, and Hollywood execs, according to a spokesperson. (Those in the know might recognize the backdrop of The Private Suite at LAX in one of Jada Pinkett Smith's videos on Instagram.)

Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Century City