Priyanka Chopra Bobs for Apples With Jimmy Fallon

Bobbing for Apples with Priyanka Chopra -screen shot-H 2016
Courtesy of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

"What a disaster," said Fallon.

To celebrate fall, Jimmy Fallon invited Priyanka Chopra to bob for apples with him.

"I'm not American, and I didn't even know about this until he told me, so he has an advantage," said Chopra before they started the contest to see who could grab the most apples in 20 seconds.

Goggles-ready Chopra started out and got five apples in 20 seconds, making Fallon nervous because she took the apples with the stems out first.

"That disadvantaged me. I didn't even think about that," he said. He laughed at Chopra counting up versus counting down to start him off, and then he dunked his head in.

"I can't even get one," he exclaimed as his time ran out. "What a disaster."

After an amused Chopra showed him her technique, he triumphantly nabbed a green apple in his mouth.

In their interview, the Quantico actress talked about being the "twirling, dancing emoji" at the Emmys and showed off her giant passport.