Priyanka Chopra Keeps Her Hair Up on a Day Off

Topknot for the win.

More often than Priyanka Chopra lets her hair down, whether for public appearances or formal occasions. However, when the Quantico star has a day off, she goes for the opposite.

While playing a game of How Well Do You Know Me?, Chopra asks her hairstylist, Castillo, a number of questions to see how well he knows her, including her go-to makeup and hairstyle look on an off day. 

Castillo, who posed alongside Chopra for The Hollywood Reporter's 2016 Beauty Issue, guesses that it's "a beautiful blow out" and "a berry lip." However, the Indian actress shares that she instead likes to do a top knot and red lip. (Sorry, Castillo.)

Watch the video above to see if Castillo can guess whether Chopra prefers red or white wine, chocolate or vanilla, and sunrises or sunsets.