Priyanka Chopra Talks 'Baywatch' Beach Hair, Her Brand-New Puppy

Priyanka Chopra attends the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Getty - H 2016
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Pantene's newest ambassador opened up about the secret to her flawless mane and which fellow ambassador she admires most.

When she's not demonstrating her acrobat-like fighting skills as Alex Parrish on ABC's Quanitco, Priyanka Chopra is known to dazzle her fans with her thick, glossy mane. So it only made sense that the 34-year-old actress was tapped last week as the next Pantene ambassador, joining the ranks of fellow ambassadors Selena Gomez, Ronda Rousey, Gisele Bundchen and Eva Mendes. 

In light of the big news, we caught up with the actress to chat about her impressive locks, her New Year's resolutions and her brand-new pup, Diana. 

What was your reaction to being asked to be an ambassador? 
I was very excited when I was asked to be the ambassador for Pantene because ever since I can remember, I think my hair has been a really important part of my personality. I remember whenever I had a bad hair day I would always question my sense of being. So my hair was always a big part of who I was and Pantene is a brand that I truly believe in. 


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Where do you stand on the hair-washing debate? Do you wash every day? 
Ideally, I would like to wash my hair every day. I love the feeling of my fingers through fresh hair. So if I had the chance, I would wash it every day, but right now I do it every two days.

What's the secret to Baywatch beach hair? 
The secret to Baywatch-ready beach waves is to let your hair air-dry first. That’s what I do — I don’t do too much to my hair unless my glam squad does it. I let it air-dry and then I use mousse or any kind of product that keeps curls in place or gives it a bit of beachy texture. Laying out in the sun helps a lot, too. That’s the easiest way for me to get beach waves.

Why is the "strong is beautiful" message important to you? 
I think the “strong is beautiful” message is important because women around the world for eons have been told that we are not the epitome of strength, and that the strength of a woman is only her emotional power. I think that the strength of the woman in every possible aspect is something that has not really been tapped into as much in the world.

But the fact that Pantene is empowering women and making them feel like there’s nothing wrong with being strong, and that being strong and having a strong personality and strong opinions and strong thoughts — everything that strength stands for is the freedom that women should enjoy. As a proud feminist, I’m extremely excited that I’m associated with a brand which stands for that.

Any plans for New Year's Eve? 
My plan for New Year’s Eve is to hang out with my friends and family. I’m going to be in Goa, India, because I have a home there. So I intend to be awake into the wee hours of the night.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions for 2017?
I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I end up breaking them by the third of January. But this year I decided I’m going to get a lot healthier. I’ve always been dependent on my metabolism for my body and my weight, but I want to quit coffee, I want to sleep well, I want to be able to go to the gym. Those are my resolutions — I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to keep up with them but I’m going to try.


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If you could have lunch with any other Pantene ambassador — Selena Gomez, Ronda Rousey, Gisele Bundchen, Eva Mendes, etc. — who would it be and why?
I would love to have lunch with Selena Gomez because I think she’s come out of something which was so personal with so much strength and integrity that she absolutely stands for “strong is beautiful.” I love the fact that she said, “If you are broken, that doesn’t mean you have to stay broken.” So I admire her a lot. She’s a young, feisty, incredible inspiration and I think it’d be really cool to hang out with her.

I've been Instagram stalking, and it looks like you just got a puppy?
I just adopted a puppy and her name is Diana because she’s a little princess. She’s a rescue from North Shore Rescue. I think she’s a Chihuahua-Terrier mix but we don’t know because she’s just about 10 weeks right now. But it’s so nice to have a little puppy at home. Baby energy is always great.


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