Co-pro 'Milk & Fashion' gets China distrib'n


SHANGHAI -- American-Chinese co-production "Milk and Fashion" will be distributed in China by Shanghai-based Red Art beginning in June, the film’s producer said Thursday.

An American producer and a Taiwanese director made the coming-of-age drama with money from a Japanese medical supply company.

The film cost just $1.35 million to make and producers believe it to be the first foreign co-produced Chinese-language movie.

Made with a co-production license from the Yunnan Film Studio, the film boasts a cast of American, British and Dutch actors speaking Chinese. It was filmed in southwest China's Yunnan province and in Shanghai with the hope of reaching a Chinese audience.

"A formal agreement for mainland distribution has been signed and executed," producer Jay Rothstein said. "We're scheduling to be in theaters during the month of June."

The film features "Growing Pains" child actor Jeremy Miller. It will screen first in Shanghai and Beijing, then move to other cities, Rothstein said. He declined to disclose the value of the deal.

Rothstein will attend the Hong Kong Filmart and film festival seeking beginning March 17, seeking distribution elsewhere in Asia.

"I am also working with U.S. sales agents for limited release in the States as well as DVD sales there," he said.

Rothstein's production company, China Venture Films, LLC, also has registered the film with the Newport Beach International Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film Festival.