ProbablyMonsters Unveils New Studio For Co-Op Role-Playing Games

Harold Ryan

ProbablyMonsters founder and CEO, Harold Ryan

The developer, led by former Bungie CEO Harold Ryan, has also expanded to 76,000 square foot headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

Video game developer ProbablyMonsters on Thursday unveiled its third studio, which will be dedicated to next-gen co-operative role-playing AAA games.

The currently unnamed studio will join story-driven Cauldron Studios and multiplayer-focused Firewalk Studios in Bellevue, Washington. The core team is comprised of Patrick Blank, an original lead level designer on action-RPG series Borderlands, John Dunbar, Marsh Lefler and Allen Fong. All four were part of the team that worked on action-RPG dungeon crawler Torchlight at Runic Games.

ProbablyMonsters, which pulled back its curtain in 2019 after officially launching in 2016, is led by former Bungie CEO Harold Ryan. The company focuses on distinct, signature player experiences in multiple genres.

"They have a strong background in building amazing RPG’s and so it’s sort of a match made in heaven for that to be the game for them to build," Ryan tells The Hollywood Reporter of the development team, adding that the new studio will continue ProbablyMonsters’ focus on "inclusive, accessible games that are truly built for global, massive audiences."

Touching upon the fact that the studio is launching amid the ongoing viral outbreak, Ryan says that everything has stayed on course, even as many of the company’s 150 employees work from home. "We’ve grown over 50 percent this year, in the pandemic, and we continue to attract amazing talent and onboard, and we’re making great progress on our games," he says. "I think it speaks to the strength of our people-first culture and approach. But it’s also the strength of the industry — the one-sheet when we started ProbablyMonsters was that the industry needs more AAA game studios. Platforms and publishers need more games, more original IP, and game developers really need places where they can thrive."

ProbablyMonsters is also expanding to new 76,000 square foot headquarters in Bellevue, which will house the trio of studios with ample space for teams to grow.

"With the goal of building the teams to be sustainable, we hope to last forever, certainly for years and years," says Ryan, who adds that the new studio is already "off and running" with recruiting and hiring. "This model is really working for us, and I really look forward to their game driving the RPG category when it comes out."