Proceeds of Lipslut’s “F*ck Trump” Lipstick Will Go to Immigrant Families at the Border

Instagram - Trump Lipslut - Screenshot - H 2017

The resistance’s favorite makeup brand is at it again.

Lipslut is harnessing the power of cosmetics to fight the Trump administration’s latest “zero tolerance” policy about immigrant families at the border.

The company, founded by three college students in 2017, launched a new fundraiser Wednesday to donate 100 percent of the proceeds of their “F*ck Trump” matte lipstick ($19.95) to help families separated on the Texan-Mexican border, amid public backlash and media coverage of governmental separation of families. The fundraiser runs until July 19. (Update: it raised more than $100,000 by July 9).

Lipslut previously raised $40,000 for Charlottesville victims following the attack on counter-protesters of neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups in 2017.

The social justice cosmetics company typically donates 50 percent of proceeds to a variety of civil rights charities from Planned Parenthood to the ACLU, depending on shoppers’ votes. Lipslut also launched a “F*ck Hollywood” iteration of the product during the #MeToo movement revelations ($19.95). 

Founder Katie Sones tells The Hollywood Reporter she was watching the news with her parents this week when she realized she needed to do something to help immigrant families.

“I've been hearing about this for the last couple of days, and I heard the audio of the kid crying out for her parents, and it was so sad. I knew we had to do something,” Sones tells THR. “I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for us to raise money again. This is something we care about and wanted to get involved with.”

The charities they’re considering donating to include RAICES Texas, Kids In Need of Defense (KIND) and Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, all of which provide legal services, representation or other resources to immigrants, refugees, unaccompanied children or separated families.

"This is an urgent issue we need to help with,” Sones says. She says the purpose of Lipslut is harnessing young people’s activism: "I knew a lot of people my age cared a lot and they had all this passion, but they themselves weren't necessarily donating, because they felt they didn't have the money. A lot of those kids, myself included, you might not feel like you can donate money directly, but you do have money to spend on makeup.”

Numerous public figures have spoken out against the border policies, including late-night hosts, comedians, tech CEOs and all the first ladies.