Producer: adults behind child director's suit


Adults may be manipulating a 10-year-old director in a lawsuit over the short film "Saving Angelo," a producer has said.

The lawsuit was filed in Superior Court last month on behalf of Dominic Scott Kay, who directed the film, which is based on his real-life effort to nurse an abandoned, badly injured dog back to health.

Kay, who voiced Wilbur the pig in the 2006 movie "Charlotte's Web," claims in the lawsuit that producer Conroy Kanter unfairly demanded creative control and distribution rights for "Saving Angelo."

Kanter, who put about $11,000 into the project, said Tuesday the lawsuit has to do "with a dispute between adults over business and monetary issues."

"Unfortunately, he may be being manipulated by the adults in his life who are behind this suit," Kanter said in a statement.

Kanter said she gave the money as a charitable contribution.

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and a court declaration that Kanter has no right to creative control or the distribution or promotion of the movie.