Producer Confirms Lindsay Lohan's Participation in 'Gotti' (Cannes)

New York Daily News/Getty Images

The actress has also been cast in another Fiore Films project, "Mob Street."

CANNES -- Amid ongoing speculation over whether Lindsay Lohan will actually appear in the film Gotti: Three Generations, the movie’s producer Marc Fiore reiterated Friday that Lohan is set to play Kim Gotti, the wife of John Gotti Jr.

“Lindsay Lohan is a talented and beautiful actress, she is in the film and will be playing the role of Kim Gotti. She will also be co-starring in our next film, Mob Street,” Fiore, president of Fiore Films, said.

Some media reports had predicted that Lohan would be dropped from the film.

Earlier this week, the actress pleaded no contest on a misdemeanor theft charge in Los Angeles. She has been sentenced to 120 days in prison and 140 hours of community service, although it is not clear if she will actually have to serve prison time or whether she will be serve the sentence under house arrest.

The crime family picture, which is scheduled to go into production later this year, is to be directed by Barry Levinson and James Toback is currently doing a rewrite of the script by Leo Rossi.

John Travolta toplines as John Gotti Sr., and the developing cast also includes Al Pacino, Kelly Preston and Joe Pesci. The role of John Gotti Jr. has not yet been cast.