Producer Denise Di Novi to Make Directorial Debut With Warner Bros. Thriller (Exclusive)

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Denise Di Novi

Di Novi and Warner Bros. are now out to actresses to star in the project.

What Denise Di Novi really wants to do is direct.

For over two decades she’s produced movies such as Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood as well as Nicholas Sparks love stories and the recent Mad Mad: Fury Road. Now, the veteran producer will make her directorial debut with Unforgettable, a female-centric thriller set at Warner Bros.

With a script written by Christina Hodson and David Leslie Johnson, the story sees a woman struggling to start a new life with a new husband and his daughter but finds herself tormented by the man’s manipulative and mentally unstable ex-wife.

The project was to have been directed by Amma Asante (Belle) as a starring vehicle for Kerry Washington. But when Washington committed to playing Anita Hill in HBO’s movie about the Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Asante moved on, leaving a void.

Di Novi, who was already producing the feature project with Alison Greenspan, was so passionate about getting it made she took matters into her own hands. Warners, for whom she’s been producing movies since the early 1990s, decided to give her a shot.

"The fact that this transition is so clear in retrospect makes it no less exciting," said Greg Silverman, Warners' president creative development and worldwide production. "Denise has been a Warners filmmaker for decades, and we know she will have continued success as a director. The cast and crew of Unforgettable — and Denise's home studio, Warner Bros. — are very lucky indeed."

Di Novi and Warners are now out to actresses to star in the project.