Producer Reveals Michael Jackson Tracks Needed 'Considerable Digital Enhancement'

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Michael Jackson 

Despite admitting going high-tech to get the vocals right, Teddy Riley says fans are "still hearing the true Michael Jackson."

According to famed producer Teddy Riley, one of the main producers on the posthumous Michael Jackson album, Michael, which drops Dec. 14, the late King of Pop's vocal tracks required considerable digital enhancement.

"I had to do more processing to the voice, which is why people were asking about the authenticity of his voice," Riley, who worked with Jackson on his 1991 album Dangerous, told Reuters Monday. "We had to do what we had to do to make ... his voice work with the actual music."

Riley reveals that producers used Melodyne technology to get the raw vocals in key.

"With the Melodyne we actually move the (pitch) up which is the reason why some of the vibrato sounds a little off or processed, over-processed," Riley added. "We truly apologize for that happening, but you are still hearing the true Michael Jackson."

"...I know it's great material, I know that it needs to be out, I know that the legacy needs to continue because he's such a great person, and there's more to come," continued Riley, who worked on three of the 10 songs on the album -- "Hollywood Tonight," "Monster" and "Breaking News" -- and who said that he would like to partake in producing future Jackson albums if they should come to fruition.