Producers Guild Re-Launches Online Job Board

The re-designed website offers private messaging system, flexible search capability and gives the "date next available" for producers, showrunners, post-production supervisors and other members looking for their next job in movies and TV.

In a business where everyone is always looking for their next job, The Producer’s Guild of America has re-launched its resource to help members find work and let employers know when they will be available.

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“One of the primary objectives of the Producers Guild is to provide our members with access to good, quality jobs, and this new site will greatly enhance our ability to do just that,” said Chris Thomes, Producers Guild Website Committee Chair and vp of the New Media Council.

“Re-imagined and redesigned to be elegant and effective, our new site includes tools, functions and features that distinguish the Producers Guild Job Board as the best one-stop-shot for the highest quality producing team members in the industry.”

The online job board covers every member of the producing team in film and television, including Producer-Produced By, Showrunner, Supervising Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Line Producer, Associate Producer, Post-Production Supervisor, Production Coordinator, Segment and Field Producers, Post-Production and Visual Effects. 

Within those jobs, the user can then focus on what kind of platform they want to work on, such as motion pictures, documentary/non-fiction media, 30-minute and 60-minute scripted television, reality series, game shows, digital/web series, long-form television, live performance and variety programming, animation, console and online games, mobile platforms, transmedia and themed and special venue entertainment exhibits.

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Highlights of the improved site include:

  • Separate login accounts for employers and job-seekers
  • Custom-designed categories and search criteria, including the ability to search lists of members’ credits, as well as their expertise in a variety of media/formats and their familiarity with numerous domestic and international locations.
  • Special customized “date next available” function, so employers can see exactly who will be available for work at a given time, and members can be included in employers searches even while working in their current job.
  • Special messaging system that lets employers know when members have applied for a job, allowing them to contact applicants privately and directly through the Job Board software.

The site, which has been in the works since February 2012, can be accessed online at It went live this week.

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The Producers Guild of America has over 5,000 members in film, television and new media.