Producers Guild Issues New Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines

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Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; David Livingston/Getty Images

The guild's board has approved a new set of recommendations to eliminate hostile work environments.

The Producers Guild of America has adopted an extensive set of anti-sexual harassment guidelines, which it is sending to its 8,200 members today. The guidelines contain definitions for what constitutes sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, practices to put in place to prevent such situations both on and off the set and resources available to anyone who feels they have been put in an uncomfortable work situation.

The proposals were developed, with input from the newly formed Time’s Up, and then recommended by the PGA’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Task Force, which was created last October in response to the Harvey Weinstein allegations as well as other reports of alleged professional misconduct by high-profile figures in the entertainment community.

During a special meeting on Jan. 17, the PGA’s board of directors unanimously ratified its Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines. 

Among the specific recommendations included in the guidelines: Productions should provide anti-sexual harassment training to all members of the cast and crew prior to the start of production and before every season of an ongoing series; they should designate at least two individuals, ideally of different genders, who cast and crew can approach if they are subject to or witness harassment; and all meetings and casting sessions should be held in a comfortable, safe environment.

In announcing the new guidelines, PGA presidents Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary said, “Sexual harassment can no longer be tolerated in our industry or within the ranks of the Producers Guild membership. As producers, we provide key leadership in creating and sustaining work environments built on mutual respect, so it is our obligation to change our culture and eradicate this abuse. While the PGA is a voluntary membership organization, the PGA’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines are sanctioned as best practices for our members.”

They added: “The PGA is indebted to Time’s Up as a resource in creating our protocols. We will continue to work with them, the industry-wide Commission led by Anita Hill, and other organizations in our community until sexual harassment is eliminated from the entertainment workplace.” 

In addition to promulgating the guidelines, the guild’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Task Force is conducting an ongoing review of the tools available to facilitate prevention, reporting, counseling and protection. Those protocols are expected to evolve as the task force’s recommendations are implemented, the PGA said.

The complete guidelines can be found here.