Producers Guild Proposes New Producers' Mark

Differentiates those who work on a film that meets standards.

The Producers Guild of America is eyeing a new mark -- a lowercase "p.g.a." -- to be added at the end of names who receive a "produced by" credit on feature films, the New York Times writes.

The new "p.g.a." mark will differentiate those who work on films that meet specific standards set by the guild.

In the PGA's proposal, the designation is only given to producers who request it. And in order for producers to become certified, the guild weighs several factors, including who began a project, who supervised it and who oversaw the film's marketing.

For now, no studios have agreed to use the designation, but several executives have said it could be a useful way of distancing those with producer titles that have little to no meaning.

PGA's 4,500 members include producers in film, television and new media.