Producers Guild Unveils Coronavirus Relief Fund for Members

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Producers Guild of America

'Grey's Anatomy' producer and former guild president Mark Gordon has contributed $100,000 to start.

The Producers Guild of America is joining the ranks of organizations hustling to provide financial assistance to industry members who are out of work amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The guild is launching Producers Guild of America Relief Fund with a starting gift of $100,000 from Grey's Anatomy producer and former PGA president Mark Gordon, the organization announced Tuesday.

PGA members that are in need of emergency financial assistance can now apply for aid, which will be administered by The Actors Fund, at the organization's website. To apply, members must provide a membership letter, their most recent bank statement and documentation of a current lease or mortgage. Those who wish to donate to the fund can additionally add funds at the PGA's website. 

“The financial well-being of our members is constantly on our minds as we navigate an uncharted crisis in our industry. We are grateful for the generosity of Mark Gordon and other donors who have made this fund a reality," PGA co-presidents Gail Berman and Lucy Fisher said in a statement. "The Guild is committed to creating and identifying solutions for our members in the swiftest way possible in these uncertain times, and we can’t thank The Actors Fund enough for moving quickly with us. Regardless of the current challenges, the PGA is prepared to do everything in its power to help our fellow PGA members weather this storm together. We invite anyone who is seeking a way to support those affected by the crisis, which includes line producers, associate producers and freelancers, to consider making a donation.”

This measure follows the PGA's recent announcement that it is offering a three-month extension to members on dues without late fees or cessation of membership benefits.

Ever since mid-March, the coronavirus outbreak has shut down the majority of industry production, with crew union IATSE estimating that over 120,000 of its members' jobs have been lost since the virus began spreading stateside.