Producers on the Move named for Cannes

23 up-and-coming behind-the-scenes talent

COLOGNE, Germany -- French producer Lauranne Bourrachot ("A Prophet"), Greece's Yorgos Tsourgiannis ("Dogtooth") and Alvaro Alonso of Spain ("The Orange Girl") are among the 23 up-and-comers named for this year's Producers on the Move program in Cannes.

Producers on the Move runs May 15-18 during the Cannes Film Festival and brings together some of Europe's most promising behind-the-scenes talent with an eye to creating cross-border networking opportunities.

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This year's top 23 (each European country picks its own up-and-comer) includes Kamen Kalev, the Bulgarian director/producer of Tokyo Film Fest winner "Eastern Plays;" Serbia's Jelena Mitrovic, whose credits include Antonio Nuic's "Donkey" and upcoming World War I drama "Besa" and Isabelle Stead, the Brit producer of Sundance entry "Son of Babylon."

Organizers European Film Promotion claim nearly 50% of Producers on the Move participants over the past 11 years have set up co-pros together. Recent success stories include Bettina Brokemper of Germany (Producer on the Move 2006) and 2009 participant Daniel Mitulescu from Romania. Their latest projects -- Brokemper-produced Turkish drama "Honey" and Mitulescu's teen prison tale "If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle" from director Florian Serban -- respectively won the top two prizes at the Berlin International Film Festival.

The full list of the 2010 Producers on the Move:

Anneli Ahven, Exitfilm (Estonia)
Alvaro Alonso, Jaleo Films (Spain)
Vladimir Anastasov, Sektor Film (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia)
Simone Bachini, Aranciafilm (Italy)
Pavel BerCik, Evolution Films (Czech Republic)
Lauranne Bourrachot, Chic Films (France)
Daniel Burlac, Elefant Films (Romania)
Oliver Damian, 27 Films Production (Germany)
JoAo Figueiras, Blackmaria (Portugal)
Katie Holly, Bl!nder Films (Ireland)
Lizette Jonjic, Migma Film (Sweden)
Kamen Kalev, Waterfront Film (Bulgaria)
TamAs Liszka, SzimplaFilm (Hungary)
Jelena Mitrovic, Bas Celik (Serbia)
Davio Oskar Olafsson, Mystery Island (Iceland)
Silvia Panakova, ARINA (Slovak Republic)
Kamila Polit, Prasa & Film (Poland)
Christian Rank, Miso Film (Denmark)
Isabelle Stead, Human Film (United Kingdom)
Annika Sucksdorff, Helsinki-filmi (Finland)
Yorgos Tsourgiannis, Boo Productions (Greece)
Asle Vatn, Friland (Norway)
Anne Walser, C-Films (Switzerland)
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