Several producers ruled ineligible for Emmys

Still able to appeal for best series consideration

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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has completed the first stage of its vetting process on the producers submitted in this year's best series Emmy categories and has sent letters to more than dozen of them notifying them that they have been found ineligible.

The decision is sure to create rumblings in the writing and producing circles.

Over the past decade, about 60 series producers on nominated series, including 20 executive producers, have been excluded from the nominee lists.

The process intensified in the past couple years, with ATAS trying to apply more stringent standards on which producers would be eligible to receive the best series awards.

Its initial rulings tend to ruffle feathers, with such past examples as the exclusion of "The Office" writer/producer/co-star Mindy Kaling in the best comedy series category.

But after an appeal process, some of the originally rejected producer submissions are accepted, which is expected to happen this year too.

"We are going through our annual vetting process, which includes an appeals procedure and is designed to ensure that everyone who deserves an Emmy will get one," ATAS chairman-CEO John Shaffner said in a statement Wednesday.