Producing duo options 'Suspension'

Daniel Alter, Adrian Askarieh nab Scott Milam's spec

Producers Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh have optioned "Suspension," an action-horror spec by Scott Milam.

Patrick Tatopoulos, a creature and special effects designer-turned-director, is attached to helm.

Milam's script is set in the German Alps as a raging fire burns and a rescue helicopter is forced to make an emergency landing on an old suspension bridge. Trapped, the passengers' hope for survival go up in flames as they face a new kind of creature.

The script began to make the rounds when Alter, a friend of the writer, asked the scribe whether he could show it to Tatopoulos. Milam acquiesced and Tato¬poulos sparked to it.

Tatopoulos -- who has unleashed monsters for movies including "Pitch Black," "I Am Legend" and "Trick"r Treat" -- plans on creating a new type of creature.

The producers plan to raise financing independently to make "Suspension," with the plan to keep more control of the branded ancillary markets.

Repped by ICM, Tatopoulos made his directorial debut with last year's "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans." The Verve-repped Milam wrote "Mother's Day," the upcoming Jaime King thriller from "Saw" franchise director Darren Lynn Bousman.

Milam will produce with Robert Sanchez, who is executive producing Lakeshore's "I, Frankenstein," which Tatopoulos hopes to direct in the fall.

Alter and Askarieh are in preproduction on the video game adaptation "Kane and Lynch," which has Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx attached to star.