Project Gathering brings 38 to Tokyo


TOKYO -- Thirty-eight projects, up from last year's 28, have been selected for inclusion in the 3rd annual Tokyo Project Gathering that runs concurrently with the Tokyo International Film Festival.

The projects chosen include 13 from Japan, 11 from other Asian territories, five from Europe, three from the U.S. and five co-productions.

Shinji Aoyama's "Ugetu" will be among the Japanese projects on tap. The helmer's "EUREKA" and "Sad Vacation" appeared this year at Cannes and Venice, respectively. There also will be projects from such Japanese studios as Toei and Nikkatsu.

Vincent Kok will represent Hong Kong with his latest project, while Taiwan has three offerings as well Jeste Chan's latest, "65 Roses," a co-production with Japan.

The Korean lineup includes a new project from Min Kyu-Tong, director of "Memento Mori"; another presented by "Oldboy" helmer Park Chan-Wook; and a project by Fumio Yamamoto, "Mabushikute Mienai" (So Bright I Can't See), to be directed by an as-yet unconfirmed Korean director.

Chinese director Xiao Qiang, following his debut, "Electric Shadows," will present "Mangala," a new project with cooperation from France.

Other works or works in progress include offerings from Indonesia, Cambodia, France, Russia and the U.K.

The Tokyo International Film Festival runs Oct. 20-28.
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