'Project Greenlight' Now Accepting Submissions

Matt Damon Ben Affleck - H 2014
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Matt Damon Ben Affleck - H 2014

The revived Ben Affleck- and Matt Damon-backed HBO reality series is now inviting first-time directors to submit their short films online.

Attention filmmakers, the revived Project Greenlight is now accepting submissions.

The fourth season of the reality series executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, returning to HBO almost 10 years after its last season aired on Bravo, is looking for a first-time director to film a “Hollywood-vetted” script with an experienced cast and crew. Oh, and the whole filmmaking process will be chronicled for the show.

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Filmmakers can submit a three-minute short film at the Project Greenlight website through Aug. 8 for their chance to be selected.

The winner will be selected through a digital competition including judging by a group of the filmmakers’ peers online in August, a public Facebook vote in September and a final decision from a panel of entertainment industry experts.

In a change from previous iterations of the show, SAG members will now be eligible to enter the contest. Other qualifications for entering include having a valid Facebook ID, being over 18 and not being a “professional director.”

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“For purposes of the contest, a 'professional' means any individual who, as of July 24, 2014, (i) is a current member of the Directors Guild of America or (ii) has directed a feature film that was acquired for the purpose of, and subsequently received, paid distribution in any medium,” according to Project Greenlight’s FAQs.

Affleck and Damon released the below 15-second video, featuring lots of fast talking, inviting directors to submit their shorts.