Project Playlist yanked from Facebook

Service was banned from MySpace last week

DENVER -- Facebook on Wednesday removed access to the Project Playlist service from the popular social networking site, citing a request from the RIAA. A Facebook statement said the company hopes to resolve the situation so that the Project Playlist service eventually can resume service on the site, but that it will block access until the proper label deals can be established.

Just days after getting banned from MySpace, Project Playlist struck a licensing deal with Sony BMG. The deal gives Project Playlist users direct access to the Sony BMG catalog of both music tracks and videos. Financial details were not disclosed.

The major-label licensing deal is a big step forward for the playlist-sharing service, which is being sued by the other three major labels -- Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI Music -- as well as the RIAA for copyright infringement. Project Playlist allows users to upload music to create playlists that other users can then stream, but until the Sony BMG deal has done so without paying labels a licensing fee.

On Friday, MySpace blocked the playlist-sharing service from the entire social network, citing requests from several major label partners.