'Project Runway: All Stars' Finale Sneak Peek: Uli and Casanova's Working Styles Clash (Exclusive Video)

A humorous moment arises when previously eliminated designer Casanova returns to help finalist Uli Herzner with her mini collection.

It's down to the final three on Project Runway: All Stars, with the season two winner set to be revealed in Thursday night's episode.

Uli Herzner, Emilio Sosa and Anthony Ryan Auld have been tasked with creating a mini collection in just four days to present to the judges. As is typical of the Project Runway finales, previously eliminated competitors return to help the final three finish their collections on time.

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The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip of Thursday night's finale, which finds Herzner getting assistance from Casanova -- which results in a humorous moment as the two designers' working styles clash.

The finale of Project Runway: All Stars airs at 9 p.m. Thursday on Lifetime.