'Project Runway: All Stars': Laura Kathleen on Her Elimination and Whether She Was Portrayed Accurately

The 28-year-old from St. Louis was cut from the Lifetime show in this week’s episode, leaving only five designers in the competition.

Laura Kathleen was eliminated from Project Runway: All Stars this week, leaving only five designers in the running for the season two crown.

The 28-year-old from St.  Louis was cut after a challenge that tasked the designers with creating a 1920s-inspired garment for a specific event (e.g., afternoon garden party, evening social soiree or after-hours speakeasy), then facing off against one of their fellow competitors. Laura Kathleen went up against Uli Herzner and created a deep-red jumpsuit that her model wore under a black fur vest.

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While the judges mostly liked the jumpsuit, they weren’t as impressed with the vest and questioned Laura Kathleen’s decision to make yet another jumpsuit in the competition.

But on Friday, she told reporters in a conference call that she had no regrets about her final design.

“I love fur, and they didn’t, and I totally respect their opinion and see where they’re coming from,” she said. “But I would have loved to have a professional pleater in the room because of the size of the pants and if you know about the technique of pleating, it takes chemicals. … That was the only thing that bothered me.”

Laura Kathleen also appeared to be the source of some drama this season, seemingly not getting along with some of her fellow designers. But she said she doesn’t believe she was portrayed accurately.

“There was a lot from one contestant on the show that decided to talk about me a lot,” she said. “And then it would go to clips of me sitting there and making some facial expression that was supposed to pertain or be a testament to what people were saying, but I really enjoyed All Stars. I actually enjoyed the people and became [friends with them]. If I were a catty person, I wouldn’t have made the friends that I did.”

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Laura Kathleen also took issue with the fact that she was portrayed as a “rich girl.”

“I am starting my own business. … And if anybody knows how starting businesses is, it’s tough,” she added.

Asked who she’s hoping wins season two of All Stars, Laura Kathleen praised each of the final five designers, a group that includes Uli as well as Anthony Ryan Auld, Ivy Higa, Joshua McKinley and Emilio Sosa.

Next up, Laura Kathleen is expanding her jewelry line, Love Armour, and is aiming to offer an affordable clothing line that will launch in fall 2013.

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