Mondo Guerra Recaps 'Project Runway: All Stars': Picture Perfect?

Mondo Print on Print Portrait - P 2012

Mondo Print on Print Portrait - P 2012

The designers use fan photos as their inspiration in the first interactive challenge ever, while one competitor's attitude isn't winning her any friends.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday's episode.]

The all-stars try to make headlines this week as they create designs worthy of a photograph and interview piece in USA Today. It’s also the first interactive Project Runway challenge ever. The designers chose fan photos as their inspiration to tell a fashion story on the runway. And what a colorful, fearless and fun runway it was!

In the Workroom

One all-star’s attitude is earning her some bad publicity. Laura Kathleen just can’t seem to keep her foot out of her mouth long enough to make any friends. But after being in the bottom last week, she is hungry for a comeback.

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Althea decides to venture into the world of separates. She’s shown the judges she can make dresses. Now, she plans to stand out from the pack and push herself.

Across the workroom, Andrae’s Gollum impression entertains and frightens his fellow designers. He admits he doesn’t have much in common with the others and feels like an outsider.

Joanna Coles can’t tell if Andrae’s design is bonkers or brilliant and warns Kayne that red fabric and lace can read hooker-y. Casanova called Kayne’s look a Parisian prostitute with a chicken on her head. Hilarious -- I love chicken!

The next day, the designers only had a few hours to finish their looks and send their models to hair and the Laura Mercier makeup room before it was showtime. And, as always, they’re running around like somebody pulled the fire alarm.

On the Runway

Designer Charlotte Ronson and fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson join the judges panel this week. Here’s what I thought about the runway:

Kayne: This was a pretty solid look, but where was the connection to the photo? And how many more times do we have to see this shoulder treatment? Pretty dress … again.

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Laura Kathleen: Simple, fluid and easy. You can tell a lot of emotion went into this gown. She got her hands dirty and produced something pretty and elegant.

Andrae: The yarn and zippers and colors -- it was creative, playful and fun, but is it fashion? It looked very juvenile, to the point that it looked like crayons. There are a lot of ideas, but unfortunately not good ones.

Casanova: I liked this pantsuit, but it seemed really safe for Casanova. I loved the pants. The top, not so much. I know what he’s capable of and I’d love to see him deliver something memorable.

Althea: I agreed with Isaac that her khaki was tacky. She took a risk, but it didn’t pay off. Looks like her crotch got caught in her waistband. The coat is fab, but the pants are drab -- literally.

Joshua: It looks like a Legos-playing matador, and I personally get it. She just needed a Devo hat to complete the look.

Uli: This dress had great movement on the runway, and the treatment on the bust was really delicate and lovely. Yet another pretty dress.

Ivy: Futuristic tribal butterfly. Simple but still interesting and well-executed. I like the juxtaposition of the two different shapes, and I’m really enjoying her sheer moment.

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Anthony Ryan: I like how graphic this design is, but it seems expected for Anthony Ryan. We know what he can do, but let’s kick it into high gear now.

Emilio: This was a very unexpected moment on the runway, and I loved it. The colors, proportion and volume all worked for me.

The Judges’ Decisions

Anthony Ryan beat out Laura Kathleen and Emilio for the win, while Andrae was sent home. USA Today will feature Anthony Ryan’s design and interview in an upcoming release.

Did the judges get it right? Share your reactions to this week’s decisions in the comments below.

Denver fashion designer Mondo Guerra earned a runner-up finish on Project Runway season eight then went on to claim victory on the debut season of Project Runway All Stars. In addition to an upcoming guest editor position at Marie Claire, Mondo has also launched I Design, a new HIV/AIDS education campaign with Merck. To learn more about Mondo, visit